Jesse Huddleston offers insights into how the Christian faith can provide tools for resisting and recovering from church trauma.

Catey Miller writes about her experience within her first UMC small group, which helped her see how Wesley’s emphasis on our lived experiences frees us to enjoy and affirm each other’s humanity rather than treating life as a rehearsal.

By Rev. Morgan Guyton

You live in the green fingertips
of spring and everything you make
is free to follow the scent
of the warm wind to grow
wherever it feels loved

until the bark hardens with
its anxious, rigid boundaries
stuffing the green deep inside
the wood that vaguely remembers
being alive but mostly feels stuck

until by some miracle or lightning
strike, the branch falls and rots,
creating new life that pushes its
tiny head from the ground swelling
into the scent of your warm wind.

Rev. Morgan Guyton
Morgan Guyton is a United Methodist elder in the Virginia Conference, currently serving as a pastoral counselor in Williamsburg, Virginia. His book How Jesus Saves The World From Us was published in 2016 by Westminster John Knox. He blogs at

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