Spring 2022

And Can It Be? Charles Wesley and the Leap of Faith

And Can It Be? is the combination of belief and amazement. Wesley is utterly convinced of the truth of the crucifixion and all that follows, but this does not dampen his sense of astonishment. In this sense, the hymn is helpful for all of us who believe while recognizing the bewildering events at the center of our Christian faith.

A poem by Starchild

Systems of white supremacy have distorted our ability to make sense of reality and even threatened our ability survive as a species. Rev. Dr. King often said that humans needed to either “learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools,” and current events seem to prove his point, ranging from the climate crisis to the ever-present threat of nuclear or biological warfare to the potential collapse of democratic societies across the world.

Winter 2021

Advent Against Apocalypse

God does not have to wait for an apocalypse to be fully present in our world. And through the grace of the Holy Spirit, God is present in our world even now, just as fully as when Jesus walked on Earth.

When grief and hope intertwine

In Advent, all of creation sings along with all the church: Come, Lord Jesus, come!

John Wesley’s greatest gift to the Christian churches is his approach to community formation, writes Luke Melonakos-Harrison.

A poem by Ellen Huang

How could Mary’s words give me encouragement
to bring forth my own child into a world
both beautiful and cruel?

Another Advent

By Starchild

Advent begins in the dark, 

in the licking of wounds, 

amidst the echoes of “No!” and “Go away!”

This is where the spirit speaks

Fall 2021

Welcome at the Table

An interview with Alfredo Santiago on Latinidad in Methodism
and extending welcome for all, in churches and beyond.

David Justice challenges predominantly White churches to engage in Christian antiracism work, empowered by the grace of God, as a conversion that leads to real love.

Sara Martin presents a theology of embodiment, disability, and being human and dismantles dualistic assumptions.

By Starchild

You came to me
in a dream where
we were sitting in
an urban garden

Summer 2021

Jesse Huddleston offers insights into how the Christian faith can provide tools for resisting and recovering from church trauma.

Catey Miller writes about her first UMC small group, which helped her see how Wesley’s emphasis on our lived experiences frees us to enjoy and affirm each other’s humanity.

By Starchild

You live in the green fingertips
of spring and everything you make
is free to follow the scent
of the warm wind to grow
wherever it feels loved

until the bark hardens with
its anxious, rigid boundaries
stuffing the green deep inside
the wood that vaguely remembers
being alive but mostly feels stuck

until by some miracle or lightning
strike, the branch falls and rots,
creating new life that pushes its
tiny head from the ground swelling
into the scent of your warm wind.

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