The Tomb

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on

I refuse to sit

in this tomb any longer;

the stone is chafing

my legs which need

to run like a unicorn

into springtime fields

breathing in the rainbows

of every blossom there

where lovemaking never stops

and new life is always

being resurrected from the

death of last year’s flowers.

They say we had to stay

in the tomb until

the second coming of the

one who has the authority

to roll away the stone

and declare the beginning

of heaven. But I am a lover

of the lamb of God and

I will roll away the stone

now. You can live your

eternity on Saturday,

but I choose Easter.


Starchild is a poet, artist, and pastor. Their work focuses on the intersection of the prophetic Christian tradition and the expansiveness and queering of love. Stream their new spoken-word album, Bloom!

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