Yet Alive is a project to publish resources for a Wesleyan faith that is LGBTQIA-affirming, progressive, and vibrant.

Our Mission

We aim to be resource for a robust faith that highlights the intersections of pan-Wesleyan heritage with contemporary applications, claiming LGBTQIA+-affirmation, and especially seeking to elevate voices that are historically on the margins of the church for reasons of race, ethnicity, class, nationality, disability, and gender identity. Even among affirming thinkers, Wesleyan theology gives us room for both orthodoxy and exploration, and the publication will lean on this theological diversity to highlight the richness of our tradition.

Our Team

The editor’s team currently consists of:

  • Cat Clyburn
  • Trevor Warren
  • Dylan Parson, MDiv
  • Jenna DeWitt
  • HeeJun Yang, MDiv, ThM
  • Ryan Wiggins