We are excited to publish works of writing or art from affirming Methodists of any denomination.

To start writing for us, please submit a pitch of 150-300 words to submissions @ Our team of editors will get back to you soon, and help guide you to writing a full piece. You can also adapt an older piece for us, submitting a summary as a pitch.

Pieces should be approximately the length of a blog post, 800-2,000 words, and accessible to a layperson who is new to worshipping in a Wesleyan-tradition church. See below for a non-exhaustive list of topic ideas. While we welcome submissions that lean on things like process theology (which we understand is part of the Wesleyan heritage), this publication is intended to be a church resource that is accessible to laypeople, so constructive works are more appropriate for our publication than deconstructive works.

Ideas for Submissions:

  • Why LGBTQIA+ affirmation is a natural outgrowth of Wesleyan theology
  • Wesleyan lenses for thinking through social issues
    • Racial justice
    • Climate/land justice
    • Disability rights
    • Gender-related issues
  • Profiles of new and worthwhile ministries
  • Understanding the liturgical year
  • Personal essays related to sacraments, church activities, hymns
  • Book excerpts
  • Poetry
  • Visual art pieces
  • New movements in Wesleyan theology
  • Transformative moments in your faith life or theological thinking
  • Summaries of recent academic works from Wesleyan theologians
  • Lay-oriented denominational analysis

By submitting your work for publication, you are claiming the legal right to allow Yet Alive to publish it. Yet Alive magazine is not liable for copyright violations, duplications, or similarities to other published works. The duty to verify any copyright concerns lies with the submitter. This includes not only text but also graphics, photos, illustrations, artwork, and other media of all types.