The Gardener

White roses
Photo by Christian Krumbholz on

You came to me
in a dream where
we were sitting in
an urban garden

before dawn and you
were smoking a cigarette
and I wanted one just
to wake up and you took

yours out of your mouth
and put it on the trash can
lid in front of me and I
don’t have more than

that right now except for
a few conversations with
homeless men who spoke
with words from beyond

them which made me
think they were you
but all I want is to hear
you say my name one

time when I think all
hope is lost and the
empire has finally
all the way won.

Just say my name
so I will say Rabboni
and find your nail
holes with my lips.

Don’t tell me not to cling
to you this time; you do
not need to go back
to your father any longer.

It’s time to make
Easter flowers bloom;
it’s time to introduce
the world to my lover

who cannot be held in
the tomb any longer
by Bible teachers who
locked him in their books.

Morgan Guyton

Morgan Guyton is a United Methodist elder in the Virginia Conference, currently serving as a pastoral counselor in Williamsburg, Virginia. His book How Jesus Saves The World From Us was published in 2016 by Westminster John Knox. He blogs at