Another Advent

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Advent begins in the dark, 

in the licking of wounds, 

amidst the echoes of “No!” and “Go away!”

This is where the spirit speaks

in a hope that does not come 

to the well-adjusted 

but only to those who sprint through

the woods in search of living water 

knowing that life is short 

and the world is not yet what it always

has been on the transfigured plane

beyond right-doing and wrong-doing

where a hidden family of unseen seers 

set up camp in order to watch the sky 

for one like a son of man though 

everything tells us he’s already here. 

Did he not say I abide in you and you in me?

When I am crucified with you, 

are you resurrected into me? 

But we need someone else to say it; 

we need a gardener to call us by name 

so we can say Rabboni and kiss you weeping. 

We need you to appear this time 

without imperial vestments

or patriarchal leather binding.

We need you to show us 

the lamb you promised. 

“Can you please keep it down?“ 

The world says, 

“There’s other people here too.“



Starchild is a poet, artist, and pastor. Their work focuses on the intersection of the prophetic Christian tradition and the expansiveness and queering of love. Stream their new spoken-word album, Bloom!

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